It's Not What I Know ... It's How I Learned It

Jan 18

Dopamine or "Dope-In-Me"

It’s a month since you committed to your New Year resolutions. This will be the year that you make things happen.   Or, it’s the fifth day of the new weight loss program.   Or, the first day of the, “I’ll be nice to people” project. How are you doing, so far?

That piece of chocolate is sitting in the dish, just waiting for you.  It tastes so good.  It’s your favorite flavor, shape, size and gooeyness.  So why is there a struggle over a simple little piece of...

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Jan 11

Good Choices

Today is yesterday’s future and tomorrow’s history!

I heard a well known doctor tell his patient, “you are where you are today because of the choices you have made in the past.”  The patient appeared taken back by the comment.  She was hurt.  She thought, “I came here for help and you are telling me what I already know.  I made the wrong decision.”

When a person asks for directions, telling them that they made a wrong turn is not really useful.  They already...

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Jan 4

Pick Your Battles

When people do stupid things, are they just naturally stupid, were they taught to be stupid, do they not know that they are stupid, or are they only stupid in our eyes?  Regardless of their propensity for stupidity, it may only be our perception.  They may feel that they are perfectly normal.  

If they surrounded themselves with like people, then they may consider themselves normal.  Now we have to consider that there might be a whole population of people out there who are...

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Dec 28

How Things Changed: Christmas Eve 2015 from Grandpa L

Mom and I walked across the crowded parking lot and caught up to an elderly woman with a cane, slowly crossing the driveway.  The man in the big pickup truck patiently waited as she crossed in front of him.  While we were selecting a grocery cart, a man in a hurry, pushed ahead and pulled out a cart.  No excuse me.  No smile.  No Merry Christmas.   He must have been a very important person as he was mission focused.  

We pulled our cart and moved toward the entrance. ...

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Nov 30

Assimilate or Vegetate

I asked my dad why he never learned to speak Polish.  He said he knew a few words but that his mom and dad would not let the children speak anything but English.  He said that in the 1920’s, speaking a foreign language meant that you were a foreigner and you would not be able to go to school, learn a trade, or get a good paying job.

People left their homeland seeking opportunity or safety.  They were committed to survive in the new land.  They would do what it takes to...

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Nov 23

Free Is Not Free

I’m always skeptical when someone offers me something for free.  Outwardly, I appreciate their generosity, but at this time in my life, I wonder, is it a friendly gesture or does it command reciprocity?     

When I was in the Air Force, there was a custom at the officers club called the Dining In.  It was a mandatory formal affair for all of the officers on the base.  The cost of the dinner was divided among all the officers, regardless of your attendance.   If you...

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